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Message from the Executive Director

Executive Director Report

Spring has sprung and we’re preparing for our annual Circle of Honour Philanthropic
Awards and Dinner. This year promises a host of new ideas and, as always, a lovely meal to complement the evening as we recognize award recipients.

Huronia Communities Foundation continues to make a difference in people’s lives in our region as highlighted in this month’s stories.

As the end of the school year approaches, we wanted to share success stories of our Youth in Philanthropy students who have received Foundation funds to determine which charities they’d like to support. These students are beginning to explore charitable giving in earnest at the public and high school level; they represent our sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters who will make a difference in the communities in which they live throughout during their lives.

You can read about Bob Kafato of LabX who made the Youth in Philanthropy project possible this year. He sat down with Jane Barnett to share his views and ideas.

The Foundation continues to blaze a trail as we celebrate our 10th year in philanthropy. Check out our “top 10 list” in this edition.

This is your newsletter. Let us know what you’d like to read/learn about. We always welcome your input and suggestions.

Garry Morehouse
Executive Director

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Catherine Bayles

2010 Circle of Honour Philanthropy

2010 Circle of Honour Philanthropy Awards

We hope that you will join us to celebrate the recipients of our Fourth Annual Circle of Honour Philanthropy Awards.

This year’s recipients in the four award categories are:

David Dupuis – Individual award recipient in recognition of his long term support of and inspiration for fundraising activities that have benefitted charitable causes in Penetanguishene.

Hacker Gignac Rice LLP – Business award for sustained and exemplary support and community involvement in philanthropic causes and in motivating others to take a leadership role.

Georgian Bay General Hospital Volunteer Association - Community group recipient for their outstanding commitment through financial support and encouragement while fostering others to take leadership roles in local charitable giving.

Jill and Jodi Weatherell – Youth award recipients for their demonstrated leadership in fundraising and broadening public awareness in support of giving.

This event takes place during the 10th Anniversary of the founding of Huronia Communities Foundation. Thanks to the endowment funds established by individuals in our community and other donations, the Foundation has assets of almost $1.5 million and charitable organizations have received over $500,000 in grants.

The dinner and awards ceremony takes place on Saturday, May 29th at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre in Midland. Tickets are $85 each and include a official tax receipt for $40. This charitable portion provides significant funding for the operating costs of Huronia Communities Foundation.

Please join us to support of the work of the Foundation and to acknowledge the 2010 Circle of Honour Philanthropy Award recipients.

Steps You Can Take Before Giving to a Charity…

Ask for the annual report and visit the website; learn how your donation will be used.

Check out the charities directory on the website of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) www.cra-arc.gc.ca search for “charities and giving”) to make sure it’s legitimate. Nonprofits will not be listed because they aren’t regulated by the CRA; nor can they offer tax receipts.

Try an internet search combining the name of the charity/foundation with words like complaint.
Canadian Living, December 2009, page 25

LabXDonor Story – Bob Kafato of LabX

Bob Kafato, owner of LabX in Midland, makes things happen. He likes to see quick results and positive impact when he invests. read more

In partnership with the Huronia Communities Foundation, Bob is definitely making things happen. His generous contributions have seen projects flourish where funding was needed in a timely way.

Bob’s strong connection with the area where he’d eventually live and work began whenhe visited his grandparents’ Georgian Bay cottage.. Bob has great memories of these times.

Initially, Bob determined where his monthly donations would go after seeing things in the community where he wanted to effect change. However, he lacked the time to work on the specific projects so he used his financial investments as his instrument for change.

Bob connected with the Huronia Communities Foundation. He likes that the Grants Committee knows what is needed in the community and identifies options and ideas where his donations will have a timely and valuable impact. Bob relies on the Foundation to direct his dollars to those charities that receive money through his fund.

One of the groups directly benefitting from Bob’s generosity is the Youth in Philanthropy project. Student teams from various schools have been given $1,000 to direct to charities that they identify as a priority. There are many benefits to Bob’s donation. The charities become the recipients of additional funding, but it’s really the learning and experience that the students go through that’s impressive. They learn about philanthropy, decision-making, teamwork and making a difference in their community. In one case, the students will learn about their short-listed charities through volunteering and interviewing charity representatives.

Bob noted that he’s very pleased with the Huronia Communities Foundation; “the way it’s run and how they do business.” He would like to see more individuals get involved to help grow the Foundation funds so that the community impact is maximized.

“I best serve the community by working on my business and making it successful. By donating money to the Huronia Communities Foundation, I can provide help where it’s most needed.” Bob noted that time constraints prevent him from getting directly involved in other community clubs so he supports important causes in other ways, like buying tickets to events, donating money and supporting the Huronia Communities Foundation.

Youth in Philanthropy (YIP)

Huronia Communities Foundation is supporting the Youth in Philanthropy project in two ways this year.

Nine students, ranging in age from 11 – 16 and representing Midland Secondary School, St. Theresa’s, Mundy’s Bay and Bayview meet monthly after school at Mundy’s Bay to review the Foundation’s list of charities, make their choices, discuss their preferences and select fund recipients. With the $1,000 provided by the Foundation, these students will donate to local charities that are important to them and that meet their criteria.

At St. Theresa’s High School, a group of Grade 12 students are working on YIP as part of their Independent Study Unit. They will have class time to research local charities, determine their selections and donate the $1,000 provided by the Foundation to one or more charities of their choice by June 2010.

Both the charities and the students benefit from this project. The charities receive additional funding and have an opportunity to inform and educate future clients and volunteers of their organizations. The students build financial, decision-making and teamwork skills while learning about philanthropy and community development. They gain an understanding of local non-profit organizations and experience first-hand the impact they can have in a community.

Each YIP group will make a formal presentation with their funding recommendations to the Board in June and to celebrate their accomplishments, they will enjoy a pizza party, of course.

Examples of Your Investments at Work in Our Community

Garry at Quest Art School & GalleryQuest Art School & Gallery

Quest Art School & Gallery piloted art workshops for seniors in retirement homes. Designed and facilitated by Polly Sharp, the programs ran in co-operation with the Georgian Manor in Penetanguishene and the Villa Retirement Lodge in Midland. Sessions focused on the development of art skills to empower and provide a sense of accomplishment and joy while combating any feelings of alienation or depression. The workshops appealed to individuals at all levels of physical, mental and artistic abilities and were a terrific success.

Alzheimer Society of Greater Simcoe County

The Alzheimer Society of Greater Simcoe County delivered the First Link Learning Series in North Simcoe. The series is a four-part progressive learning program offered to people who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia (ADRD). Courses include: Next Steps, Care Essentials, Options for Care and Care in the Later Stages with each workshop building on the next. The response was positive and well-received.

Midland Area Reading Council (MARC)

MARC ran a pre-employment learning program pilot project with incredible success. The program was designed to help students acquire confidence and workplace skills in a working environment.

10 Ways to create your Legacy (as noted by the Brant Community Foundation)

  1. Gifts of cash read more
  2. Transfer of appreciated securities
  3. Life insurance policy
  4. Bequest in your Will
  5. Gift of other assets
  6. Bequest of residue of your estate
  7. Charitable Remainder Trust
  8. Donation of remainder of RSP or RIF
  9. Donation of remainder of guaranteed annuity
  10. Tribute donations to help another create a legacy

The Smartest Things Ever Said about Planning for the Future…

More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go instead of asking them where they went.
Roger W. Babson

Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repainting.
Billy Rose

Maybe someone should’ve labeled the future “some assembly required.”
Jerry Doyl as Michael Garibaldi, Babylon 5

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Alan Kay (Men’s Health, March 2010)

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