E-Newsletter – Winter 2011

Huronia Community Foundation

Winter 2011

A Message from the Executive Director

It’s been an exciting few months for Huronia Community Foundation. In this edition, we highlight our Circle of Honour Awards recipients, our September Annual General Meeting and community programs and services to which we’ve financially contributed.

Almost 100 guests turned out to hear our financial update along with our donor and impact stories at the AGM. We put a personal face on stories this year inviting people to speak who had donated to or been impacted by HCF grants.

  • Lu LaFrance shared her donor story and explained her decision to contribute, in her husband’s name, to the Georgian Bay Land Trust Collaboration Fund. The fund is now known as the Butch LaFrance Memorial GBLT Endowment Fund.
  • Sue Bannon inspired with her stories of how HCF grants made a lasting impact on the Midland Area Reading Council and youth in sports.
  • Jane Barnett, our e-newsletter writer, talked about the Junior Achievement program that has reached almost 500 students in North Simcoe, due in part to HCF funding.

As always, we include some light notes – recommended readings, skill-testing questions and mini-surveys.

Hope you’re ready for the snow as our Canadian winter is about to get its foot in the door following a very agreeable November. Happy holidays to all and drop us a line if there are stories, items you’d like to read more about.

Garry Morehouse
Executive Director

PS: Would you – or someone you know – like to be part of one of Canada’s fastest growing charitable movements; part of a very unique charity here in Huronia; one that is building a long term source of funding for our local charities? We welcome candidates for our Board or various committees – marketing, asset development, ambassadors or events.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for carrying out the foundation’s mission of philanthropic leadership in the community. Candidates should be well-connected in the community and have a desire to use their knowledge and influence to enhance the quality of life in Huronia. Candidates should have skills and experience in some of the following areas: marketing, fund development, communications, fund raising, sales, law, investments, planned giving, and accounting.

Please contact me if interested in volunteering for the Foundation.

In This Newsletter:

A Message From the Executive Director

Which quotation best sums up your attitude toward money?

Circle of Honour Philanthropic Awards

Counting Sheep

Remember our spring e-newsletter item?

Trekking in Europe and Raising Funds for HCF

Book Review

Huronia Community Foundation Funding in Action – Highlights

$20,000 Donation

$100,00 Donation

Collaboration and Partnerships – THE HUB

In investment circles, what is a Black Swan?

Huronia Community Foundation

Our mission is to support and sustain Huronia forever by accepting, building and managing the financial gifts made by donors, investing them for long term growth, and distributing the earnings to local charities based on their needs and the needs of our community.

We exist to make philanthropy easy. With our ability to accept almost any kind of gift (including cash, securities and real estate) and our ability to satisfy almost any donor interest, we make it easy for you to give back to Huronia.  It’s simple. It’s effective.

Give today and help forever

Contact Huronia Community Foundation to learn how you can donate now, start an endowment fund or begin planning on how you can give later.  Call (705) 527-5554 or write to us at info@huroniacommunityfoundation.com.


Which quotation best sums up your attitude toward money?

A. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Benjamin Franklin
B. “A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.” – Jonathan Swift
C. “Life is like a swap meet. You never know when great riches are going to turn up unexpectedly.” – Sophie Kinsella
D. “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” – Oscar Wilde (from More magazine, Summer 2011, p. 74)

Circle of Honour Philanthropic Awards

This year’s awards recipients were acknowledged as part of our Annual Circle of Honour Awards evening. The following are this year’s award winners:

  • Individual – Cathy Bayles
  • Business – Atlas Block
  • Philanthropic Group – Elmvale and District Lions Club
  • Youth or Youth Group – The YMCA Youth Leadership Program

Now in our 11th year of meeting charitable needs in North Simcoe, the Foundation has assets of just over $1.8 million and has given more than $620,000 in grants to local charitable organizations.

George Cornell, HCF President noted that the purpose of the awards is to recognize philanthropists and the role of philanthropy in the community. “By helping support local charitable organizations, HCF improves lives in our community and by recognizing the recipients as role models, it’s a way to inspire others to participate and give back.”

Individual award recipient, Cathy Bayles, helped to raise more than $4 million for the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation’s digital imaging equipment and is a key supporter of many events in the community.

Atlas Block, Business Award recipient has supported numerous community groups including, YMCA, minor sports, Y’s Men’s music festival, Wye Marsh, Shelter Now and Midland Cultural Centre to name a few.

Elmvale and District Lions Club was awarded the Philanthropic Group award for their efforts to raise funds that help disabled seniors, youth sports team and students.

The YMCA Youth Leadership Program was honoured with the Youth Award. Now in its 12th year, the group has contributed 9,900 volunteer hours and $164,000 to philanthropic efforts including the Y’s Strong Kids Campaign.

(from The Mirror, June 9, 2011, p.2 & 20)

We are very pleased to announce that our 2012 ‘Circle of Honour’ Philanthropic Awards will be held at the new Midland Culture Centre. We will be the first dinner event. Mark your calendars now. It will take place on Saturday June 2, 2012!

Counting Sheep

The Leger poll noted that 86% of Canadian boomers get their financial information on-line.

Thanks to all that on-line access, two-thirds of those boomers are “losing sleep over their finances” and 50% of those losing sleep are “not confident about any aspect of their financial situation.”

Don Irvine,  Zoomer. Voume 27, Number 3, May 2011 p. 16

Remember our spring enewsletter item?
“Music to Our Ears – Rev. Cliff Pendlebury Outreach Memorial Endowment Fund”

Last April, five choirs presented a night of music at St. Paul’s United Church in Midland. Donations reached over $9,000 and were added to the Huronia Community Foundation fund in Rev. Pendlebury’s name.

Trekking in Europe and Raising Funds for HCF
Almost $5,000 raised to date!

Michelle Pilon, who trekked along the Camino (Camino de Santiago de Compostelo) in Europe, had this to say about HCF, “I’ve been involved with Huronia Community Foundation for many years and I am very impressed with the work that we can do distributing grants to location communities.”

Her travelling partner, Cindy Thomas, noted that Michelle’s “initiative and connection to the Foundation convinced her to turn the experience into a fundraiser in order to be able to give back to the community.”

Michelle and Cindy’s 900 kilometre walk, in addition to its soul-searching feature, raised funds for the Foundation.

(from The Mirror, July 7, 2011, p.3)

Book Review

We have two books for your consideration this month:

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath presents six key principles that will help you express your ideas in ways that “stick” with your audience; whether you’re speaking, selling, marketing or just looking for creative ways to get your ideas across. Inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s, “Tipping Point”; Made to Stick, written in 2007, continues to get rave reviews. “Anyone interested in influencing others — to buy, to vote, to learn, to diet, to give to charity or to start a revolution – can learn from this book.”
- Washington Post

Our second recommendation, “The Happiness Project” Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun, by Gretchen Rubin, besides being one of the longest titles in history, focuses on one woman’s year-long effort to maximize her happiness and improve the lives of those around her. By applying “wisdom of the ages, current scientific studies and lessons from popular culture”, the author takes on a new challenge each month, including: “give proofs of love, ask for help, find more fun, keep a gratitude notebook, forget about results.” An interesting and engaging read

Huronia Community Foundation Funding in Action – “Highlights”

Camping Anyone?

“So that every child can attend camp despite financial hardship.” This is the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign goal. HCF provided a $1,140 grant to the program that covered two campers for a 2-week overnight youth camping session at Camp Kitchekewana on Beausoleil Island and included food, accommodation, programs, travel costs and staff wages.

“The Earth laughs in flowers”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A garden and gazebo were the fruits of labour for Shelter Now clients who received $1,250 funding from the Foundation in addition to assistance from Home Depot, Charles Morden Construction, the Home and Cottage Centre and Harvey’s.

The fresh fruits and vegetables harvested from Midland’s Community Gardens help low-income individuals enjoy a healthy meal. The project also enabled clients to learn about caring for and harvesting a garden.

(from The Mirror, August 11, 2011, p.5)

The Gift of Grace Soup Kitchen Keeps on Serving

Thanks to a $1,000 grant from the Foundation, the Gift of Grace Soup Kitchen will continue to serve local residents in need of a hot meal and camaraderie.

Junior Achievement

The Economics for Success teaches Grade 8 students the importance of education and financial responsibility. $1,000 granted by HCF meant that two local classes were able to take advantage of this fun, dynamic program delivered by community volunteers.

2011 Fall Grants

Our community has enabled us to support the following groups in fall of 2011.

  • Life Skills & Independence for Teens - $500 granted to support a Christmas celebration including dinner and a gift.  L.I.F.T. supports young people to develop social and personal skills.
  • Springwater Township Public Library - $500 granted for the purchase of Playaway Electronic Books with the hopes of getting young adults back into the enjoyment of books.
  • YMCA Simcoe/Muskoka Senior Women on the Move Camp - $570 granted for sponsorship of two women to attend the Senior Women on the Move Camp at Camp Kitchikewana providing an opportunity for personal growth.
  • Huronia Pregnancy Resource Centre - $595 granted to start a mentorship program connecting older moms with younger moms.
  • Greater Simcoe Telecare - $600 granted to support advertising and mileage costs as Telecare promotes their service of providing emotional first aid to Simcoe County residence.
  • Wendat Community Programs - $1000 granted to assist in the purchase of stable vinyl chairs with arms which will aid their clients to safely seat themselves at a variety of programs.
  • Gift of Grace Soup Kitchen – Knox Presbyterian Church - $1000 granted to help Gift of Grace continue to provide hot meals to feed the hungry.
  • Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre - $1125 granted to purchase fitness equipment which will encourage healthy living for participants of their fitness classes.
  • Community Reach North Simcoe - $1200 granted to assist with cost of developing and implementing a communications strategy to publicize the mission and enhanced services offered by this newly formed charity.
  • Alzheimer Society of Greater Simcoe County - $1250 granted to support a Caregiver Retreat for those caring for family and friends with Alzheimer’s of other dementia illnesses
  • Atlantic Challenge Canada - $1500 granted to help refit and upgrade their older gig.  This group’s programs focus on personal development through adventure, boating skills, team work and new experiences.
  • Community Living Huronia Foundation - $1600 granted to provide a computer literacy training course focused on Microsoft Office and Internet use for people with exceptionalities.
  • Midland Area Reading Council - $2000 granted to start an After School Homework Help and Book Club.
  • Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre - $2000 granted to help develop and deliver programs which will support cancer patients, their caregivers and family members.

In addition to the above grants, we are also providing dollars from a number of other funds for projects in our community:

  • Askennonia – $658 from the Askennonia Fund
  • Music Festival – $443 from the John Arpin Fund and $505 from the Jack Beauchamp Fund
  • OSPCA –Midland Branch – $730 from the Iris Stotesbury Fund
  • Brookside Music Presentation – $200 for A Christmas Carol from the Vaughan Family Fund.


$20,000 Donation

The Foundation received an anonymous $20,000 donation from a local business owner. Grants from this fund, ranging in amounts from $500 – $2,000 will be distributed to charitable groups starting this.”It’s amazing what local charities can accomplish with just a few hundred dollars,” says Garry Morehouse, HCF’s Executive Director. 14 Charities have received grants.


$100,000 Donation

The Foundation has just received a $100,000 donation to establish an unrestricted Community Endowment Fund.  This Fund gives the Foundation the greatest flexibility in awarding Grants to charities. This type of Fund is not tied to any specific charity or area of interest, allowing the Foundation to respond to immediate and changing needs in the community

Collaboration and Partnerships – THE HUB

HCF Board representatives are collaborating with Orillia, Barrie and Bradford Community Foundations to “increase awareness and understanding of community foundations in Simcoe County.” The HUB, as the partnership is called, is the result of Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant money. In the next two years, the four foundations will develop a joint communication and marketing strategy while using new integrated management software to improve communications and database management. This project will also entail reaching out to Wasaga Beach and Collingwood communities to determine their interest in joining The HUB.

In investing circles, what is a Black Swan?
Here’s a hint – it’s not about a movie.

A. The mutant bird logo used by short-selling traders who prey on weak companies
B. A holding in oil futures that yield huge profits
C. A surprising discovery that wipes out the wisdom of conventional investing rules
D. An investing tip that spirals downward

The correct answer is C. (from Best Life magazine, April 2009, p. 12)

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