We believe our community is worth supporting – we know you do too. Huronia Community Foundation is a locally run, public foundation that builds and manages permanent income earning endowment funds from charitable donations. In other words, we accept donations from donors, invest them for long term growth, and distribute the earnings to local charities based on their needs and the needs of the community. The unique structure of Huronia Community Foundation enables charitable donations of individuals, corporations and organizations to support and sustain Huronia forever.

Our Vision

To bring donors and charities together to enrich lives in Huronia.

Our Mission

To support and sustain Huronia forever by accepting, building and managing financial gifts, investing them for long term growth, and distributing the earnings to local charities based on their needs and the needs of our community.

We Exist to Serve Charities and Donors

Since its inception in 2000, Huronia Community Foundation has granted over $600,000 to local charities and causes. Some of these grants are directed by donors who have specified a particular area of interest. Others are distributed by the Huronia Communities Foundation Grants Committee, which is comprised of community volunteers and overseen by the Board of Directors. Our vision is to help sustain Huronia as a good place in which to live and work, a promise born of its heritage and natural splendor. With the support of so many passionate donors, and endowment funds of over $1.3 million we are well on our way.

Huronia Community Foundation pools its investments with the Toronto Community Foundation, resulting in lower administration costs and access to investment expertise on a national scale. Our return on investment for Endowment Funds has consistently exceeded average market returns.

Giving to Huronia

Contributing to or creating your own endowment fund has many benefits.

Endowments make it easy to:

  • Support a cause you are passionate about
  • Get your family involved in giving
  • Leave a family legacy in Huronia by naming the fund after yourself, your family or a loved one
  • Trust others with future decision-making, knowing that a passionate group of individuals who understand the needs of

We exist to support local efforts by providing donors with an opportunity to make their financial support perpetual.

A vehicle for philanthropy

We make giving easy. With our ability to accept almost any kind of gift (including cash, securities and real estate) and our ability to satisfy almost any donor interest, we make it easy for you to give back to Huronia. It’s simple. It’s effective.

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