Stephan Kramp & Marie Godry-Kramp: The Attitude is Everything Endowment Fund

Marie and I have come to learn over the years that attitude really is everything when it comes to navigating the waters of life.  A slight change in perspective can make all the difference in the world between thriving or just surviving!

Although we are both dedicated to giving back to our community through public service and volunteerism, we also heard the call of “building community” for the future through Huronia Community Foundation.  We hope to use the proceeds of our fund to provide a graduation award in our local elementary schools to students that demonstrate that “attitude really is everything”

We would like to thank Huronia Community Foundation for providing the vehicle to contribute to our community in such a lasting way and we hope others will be inspired to consider their own unique ways to build our community through the Foundation.

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Barbara Jones

After living in the Huronia area for 22 years, Barbara Jones isn’t quite sure if she is considered ‘a local’ or not, but for her, her husband, Ian, and their two children, this community is home. It’s a home that Barbara has given generously to since she married Ian and moved onto the Tay Township farm that he grew up on and still actively farms.

Barbara Jones is known throughout the community through her extensive volunteer work with organizations such as the Southern Georgian Bay Chamber of Commerce, where she is currently president, Meals on Wheels, the United Church in Vasey, and of course, the Huronia Community Foundation, where she sits as chair of the Grants Committee.

“I love that there is a place to put money that leaves a legacy long after I am not here to witness the benefits that the community receives,” says Barbara. “The Grants Committee lets me see many of the projects that are right here in Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny and Tay. People have great ideas but often can’t get them into action without money. That’s where the Foundation can really make a difference.”

Barbara’s philanthropic spirit truly knows no bounds as she continues to look for ways to give back to this community. After her mother-in-law passed away six years ago, and with her own mother presently not well, she and Ian have been thinking about how much these wonderful women mean to them and how much mothers mean to us all. They are in the process of creating a new endowment fund at the Huronia Community Foundation that honours mothers, one that would give people a place to put a donation that would benefit women in Huronia for years to come.


Lu LaFrance – Care for the land we love

“Before he died in May of 2010, my husband Butch was an avid Georgian Bay sailor.  He particularly loved the North Channel and was saddened one year to discover new cottage development encroaching on the once unspoiled shore of his favorite anchorage.  He always felt strongly that special places like these should be protected.” - Lu LaFrance

Stories like Butch’s are not uncommon in Huronia.  As citizens of this naturally beautiful area, we sometimes take Georgian Bay’s splendour for granted – until it is threatened, or more sadly, destroyed.  Lu LaFrance knew how important preserving Georgian Bay was to her husband.  So upon his death, she could think of no better tribute than making a sizable financial contribution to the Butch LaFrance Georgian Bay Land Trust Endowment Fund part of the Georgian Bay Land Trust Huronia Stewardship Endowment Fund.

“I made this donation as a fitting memorial to Butch, as a means to honour him and his wish that the shores of Georgian Bay be preserved in their natural beauty and wonder, forever.” – Lu LaFrance

Established by Huronia Community Foundation and in partnership with GBLT, this fund is being used to support the stewardship work of the Georgian Bay Land Trust, an organization committed to preserving and protecting 1200 acres of Georgian Bay’s south-eastern shore.

Endowment funds are a meaningful way to create a lasting legacy of giving. Funds can be allocated to a charity that has strong personal significance to donors and their loved ones.


More donor stories coming soon! Check back often.

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