Lorraine Ironside Memorial Fund

Lorraine spent near the entirety of her life caring for people.  From Canadian Mothercraft in her early adult years, she transitioned into Nursing, working as an RNA (Practical Nurse) for 33 years.  This she did at St. Andrew’s Hospital, then Huronia District Hospital, now GBGH.  She provided spark and motivation to many patients.  Her energy earned the appreciation of her work colleagues and many a new mother, collectively nurturing countless children as they entered the world.

Personally, she enjoyed music, dancing, the smoke of the tobacco plant, swimming, boating, the occasional vacation, and carousing with her friends, all of which she did with great joy and honesty, and often, light beer.  She loved food, even if the cooking of a full meal was never a strong point.  Instead, she aimed her merits at luscious baking and delicious preserves.

Lorraine loved her parents deeply, drawing great inspiration and courage from her mother.  Navigating the nuances of relationship, she loved her husband with unwavering grace.  As to her children, she offered them with unceasing generosity, patience, and a wry wit oft-times so sharp as to carve laughter from thin air.  Lorraine drew great solace from faith, God and prayer.  Even in her darker moments, and in the trials of her last few years beset by nagging illness, she kept her mind and humour about her, unless of course, someone pissed her off.   Lorraine was 90% sweetheart, a ratio to rival almost anyone.

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